This course is aimed at students, graduates, Engineers, Homeowners, Architects, Property Developers, and Consultants. Anyone that has an interest in renewable energy or who wants, to have a good understanding of solar photovoltaics.

Course Content & Objective 
• Introduction to Renewable Energy and Solar Technology. Types of Solar Panels, Learn Different Types of Charge Controllers: MPPT and PW Charge Controllers, Inverter Systems: Inverter Types, Features & Technical Specifications Batteries: Battery Types: Deep Cycle Batteries, Engine Start Batteries, Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Tools and Equipment Used For Solar & Inverters Tools and Equipments Used For Solar And Inverter Measurements Understand Types Of Solar Energy Installations. Series and Parallel Installations Of Batteries And Panels. Connecting Charge Controllers Connecting Solar Panels In Series & Parallel, Connecting Batteries, Inverter Set–Up For Load to-point Connection, Load Test & Feedback. Estimating Inverter Capacity For Specific Household Or Load Requirements Understanding Energy audit Energy Efficiency, Energy Management Understanding Inverter Specifications & Features, Estimating Inverter Capacity For Specific Household Or Load Requirements, Inverter Standalone Tests. Solar Panel Specifications, Estimating Solar And Inverter Specifications

At the end of the training, all participants would be able to install a backup, hybrid, and stand-alone Solar system

Ability to understand and communicate in English language as the training would be taught in English language

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